New Videos for Chalkboard Inc.

Chalkboard is a boutique consultancy serving students and their families.  They take a fresh approach to the application process, whether it’s high school, college, or graduate school. At Chalkboard, they assemble a unique team to work specifically with you to find your story, frame your narrative, and develop your strengths.

For this project we interviewed 5 People; 3 Students, 1 Parent, and 1 Chalkboard Consultant.  From these brief interviews we were able to put together 4 different videos.  1 Video is an overview of what chalkboard does (3:30) and three short (less than a minute) testimonials from the students and parents.

We were asked to make two version of each video.  One is a standard video for any platform.  The 2nd version of every video was reformatted specifically to fit instagram.  Feel free to browse the videos below and note the difference in format.  Remember not all video fits every platform.  FASTFORWARD Media is here to help not only with your video needs but with your distribution as well.

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